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The Company

David Stock & Co. Limited have been looking after the financial needs and requirements of the people of Wales and the West since 1988. During this time we have gained a reputation as one of the leading mortgage advisers in Wales and the West.
As Independent Financial Advisers we are able to source, using our ICQ Service, the most competitive mortgage to suit the clients personal requirement. We believe that our quotations cannot be beaten and this fact coupled with our outstanding service has helped us gain this reputation as one of the best mortgage advisers you could find. 
Clients are able to visit anyone one of our Mortgage, Pensions, Equity Release, and Tax/ Investment Desks that are located in Newport and in Magor.
The Web site

The website is set up to give new and existing clients an understanding of what David Stock & Co. Limited has to offer regarding Independent Financial Advise. There are many Products and  Services that the company offers and within each financial field there are Professional Consultants available to discuss the best package for you. We deal with Whole of the Market - Sourcing deals from all leneders against the board

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Did you know that not all
Financial Advisers are the same

There are basically 3 categories of individuals who can offer you financial advice.

1. The Insurance Company Employee is an individual who can offer you the products of one Insurance Company for whom they work. The Insurance Company Representative CANNOT offer any Independent Financial Advice.

2. The APPOINTED REPRESENTATIVE of the INSURANCE COMPANY sometimes called a 'Tied Agent', is very similar to the above with the exception that they may not be employed by an insurance Company, but they have entered into a special arrangement where they can ONLY offer the products of one Insurance Company and are committed to doing this. The APPOINTED REPRESENTATIVE CANNOT offer any Independent Financial Advise.

Important Note:

Many local Estate Agents use the services of appointed representatives to arrange their mortgage facilities!

3. The INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL ADVISER (David Stock & Co. Ltd.) is exactly what it suggests. Unlike all of the above, Independent Financial Advisers are not employed by or tied to any Insurance Company and are under strict regulations by the Financial Conduct  Authority (FCA) to obtain the best available arrangements for their clients, and, because of their Independence can offer a wide and very competitive range of products to suit their clients individual needs from a large number of leading companies. Whole of Market Advise

The Independent Financial Adviser Offers
Independent Financial Advice

If you have recently received or are in the process of receiving financial advice, ask your adviser which category of the above they represent. (Their business card should also provide this information).
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